Question: How would you describe the BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn system?

Answer: Components of our Air Horn system consist of a marine grade trumpet air horn that is constructed of stainless steel and chrome plated brass, the bracket is polished stainless steel. We also offer¬† Black Powder Coated Systems. The horn overall lengths are either 8″ or 15″. We believe we offer the finest, best designed Air Horn System on the market and once you see it and hear it, we’re confident you will agree.


Question: How easy is it to install the Air Horn system?

Answer: Very easy! Our Air Horn System will be installed under the existing horn cover. The system is basically plug and play, no cutting, splicing or crimping of wires; Remove existing horn cover and horn. Install your new Air Horn System. Plug into the existing horn two pin connection and then route and connect two wires to the battery, one to the (+) side of battery and the other to (-) side of battery. Re-install existing horn cover, it’s that easy. (Illustrated Installation Instructions are included with Air Horn System)


Question: What is the warranty of your Air Horn system?

Answer: The BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System is warranted for one year against defects and workmanship.