Air Horn System 9 1/2″ – 2014-2017 Models


Indian Motorcycle Air Horn System. US PATENT 10,259,517

Designed for Indian motorcycles powered by the Thunder Stroke® manufactured by Polaris.

Our 8″ Air Horn System offers a subtle look in appearance, but delivers on sound and will be heard!

It’s unique and attractive design and clean lines enhances the beauty of any Indian motorcycle.

You will surely get everyone’s attention when they see it AND when they hear it!

Note: This system will fit the 2014-16 or 2017 models ONLY, you will need to specify year and model before adding to cart.

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2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Models (8″ System shown, New 9 1/2″ System slightly longer, but similar.)

The First and Only Air Horn System designed specifically for the Indian motorcycle powered by the Thunder Stroke® manufactured by Polaris.

US PATENT 10,259,517

Chrome plated brass and stainless construction.  System is complete, pre-wired and ready to install!

Designed with Style and Function in mind!

Our Air Horn System is extremely loud, 129.4dB (as tested at trumpet), 127.6dB (as tested at 3 feet) 525Hz , 16 amp current.

Easy installation:

  1. Remove existing horn cover.
  2. Disconnect two-wire connector from existing horn.
  3. Remove existing horn.
  4. Install BuffaloBrand.Co Air Horn System.
  5. Connect two wires to battery.
  6. Plug new Air Horn System two-wire male connector to existing horn female connector.
  7. Install existing horn cover.

Compressor, relay and wiring concealed behind existing horn cover.

Designed with Style and Function in mind!